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At this time, we are not accepting additional submissions.

At Diamond Press, we are committed to publishing high quality books. We publish only a few titles each year, and carefully choose the titles we do publish.   If you wish to submit your book for consideration, please make sure your work is highly polished and presented to us in a professional format. If a book requires a great deal of editing, it will be rejected immediately.


We are interested in the following categories: 

1.  Romance novels (which do not exceed the PG-13 rating)
2. Young adult books and novellas
3. Children's books and stories (but not picture books)

We like to publish books which incorporate a mild inspirational theme, although we do not like "preachy" books. Submissions do not need to be "inspirational" in order to be considered for publication, however.


Since our underlying theme is to publish books that are uplifting, inspirational, or helpful to readers, our nonfiction specializes in two areas: 

1. "How To" books on a variety of subjects 
2. Christian literature

In the future, we plan to publish unique books on woodworking and marketing on the internet.

If you would like your book to be considered for publication, please contact us.